Sjóvá Insurance Application System

The Sjóvá application system is designed to allow customers to quickly and securely get insurance quotes, make claims, and also to be used in internal workflows.

As part of the team from Aranja Studio, I consulted Sjóvá in expanding their UX concepts to reality. I led the UX explorations, taught them how to conduct user interviews, and designed and developed the core components of the design system for all applications workflows. application system screens

Key challenges

The company had some UX concepts from a previous design sprint, but also had some hesitations on what users would prefer. We quickly prototyped a few workflows to gauge how users interact with them, and followed up with more user interviews to understand key needs and concerns. Eventually we landed on a modular system that allowed the company to quickly declare forms in code, and that provided users with a consistent way to interact with the company's insurance products. application system components

Focused flows

A key principle of the UX is allowing the user to focus on one task at a time, while simultaneously providing help if they require more information. The idea of providing help at every question is meant to give the user confidence as they move through the flow. application system components


For the company's younger customer base, mobile first is a must. We prototyped our initial UX flows mobile first, and worked to insure that all application components worked on all sized screens. Allowing users to interact with the company in their preferred way. application system components
Sjóva was the first company in Iceland to provide digital self-service insurance applications.

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