Jetpack Stats Filter UX

Jetpack Stats simplifies website performance analysis, ensuring you don't need a data science degree to understand your site's metrics. This project introduces a significant enhancement: a date range picker, empowering users to filter their traffic data with greater precision. This upgrade not only refines user experience but also positions Jetpack Stats more competitively in the market, offering tailored insights with ease.

I spearheaded the design of the date range picker component, orchestrating collaboration across various teams at Automattic to ensure adherence to consistent design patterns across products. This initiative resulted in a versatile component adaptable to a wide range of use cases, from enterprise to consumer-level analytics.

Jetpack Stats Date Range Picker

The Challenge

Our objective was to craft a component flexible enough to cater to diverse use cases, from simple date range selections to detailed specifications like specific hours. To achieve this, we conducted thorough investigations of various analytics products across the spectrum, gleaning competitive best practices while also identifying opportunities for innovation within WordPress.
Jetpack Stats Date Range Picker
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Continuing DataEx Innovation

This project culminated in the establishment of a Data Experience Guild, which I am presently leading. My role focuses on promoting consistency across data experiences, ensuring that our solutions are not only versatile but also incorporate industry-leading insights and originality, making them user-centric and cohesive across different applications and platforms.

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