I once read that to avoid Seasonal affective disorder, you must get outside and embrace mother nature and the winter weather head on. Living in Seattle, that's easier said than done. Because most of our winter days are filled with gray and rain. So we don't really get to see the four seasons. Well, I found a good spot to get outside and enjoy the beauty of the winter season.

Only a 7 hour flight from Seattle, Iceland awaits you. The scenery is absolutely stunning, the people straight forward, and incredibly helpful—authentic is the word that comes to mind. Oh and did I mention the scenery?

If you get just four free days, go! Start at Blue Lagoon the first day. The next, drive around the Golden Circle. On the third day drive either south east, or northwest. Northwest was a bit more hazardous with the snow and weather. In the south, amazing waterfalls and Hekla—the grand volcano—await you to snap that perfect long exposure shot. Say hello to the Sheep and horses on your way.

But remember just one thing, treat nature with respect. Let it do its thing. Don't litter, or drive where you're not supposed to. There might be a fairy taking a nap.

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