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A visual communication app, without the complexity.

As Lead Designer on Adobe Post I was responsible for finding out answers to the question: How might we make visual design approachable to everyone?

Using a human centered design approach on the project, we conducted multiple rounds of observations, interviews, prototyping and usability tests in a continuous cycle. The concluding result was a cohesive design system based on progressive disclosure. Certain layers would be available to the user as they requested them. Reduction of information overload was one of the first UI principles we followed.

Based on our research we concluded that the product would require 3 Pillars in order to match the user’s world: 1. Remix-able Inspiration. 2. Design Filters. 3. Smart recommendations and constraints.

Top Level Design Filters

One of the observations we made early on was the concept of “I’ll know it when I see it”. Our users knew what they wanted, but didn’t know how to get there. Out of this observation we invented Design Filters. Design filters allow you to add your content while trying out different curated designs. As a user you move from production of a design and into the role of Art Director. Deciding on a design rather than inventing one—which is an easier task than creating from scratch.

Smart Suggestions

In order to make our users look good and stand out, we applied a number of design recommendations and constraints built into the system. For example, when a user chose a certain background color, the app would know what level of brightness the text should be. We also incorporated recommendations that match the overall design, allowing users who are not formally trained in graphic design to create legible, beautiful and harmonious designs.

App Store ★★★★★

Our initial research and prototyping, led us to position the app towards the Social Media Manager. The ability to create beautiful graphics in a quick timeframe—and by making sure we tailor to our user—gave us 5 star reviews on the App Store as soon as we launched.

I’m a professional designer and while this isn’t the pro tool that Adobe is known for they have made a fun app that gives anyone access to beautiful fonts and animations to create posts that have the feeling of something that a designer would make.

Not only is Adobe taking over stock but they also want to take over the social marketing game. This is a great app for creating social posts of any kind: paid or free posts.

As an educator, I love this app. I’m able to modify and change things and post things to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It allows me to show my students another way of showing their understanding and creativity, especially in the area of STEAM education.

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