Noam Almosnino

Hidden in plain sight, under visual artifacts—like books, photos, film, and sculpture—is a language as universal as mathematics. A language which historically, was only exposed to a select few, who diverged from the path of engineering and business, and instead pursued what we think of as 'art'.

The others—those who stayed on the more common paths—were left with a way of communication I like to call "facts laid out on bullet points". Knowingly—or most likely—unknowingly, those who didn't speak this secret language, bored their audiences to death, had a hard time inspiring action—well, without the use of brute force—and were left frustrated on why no one did anything.

Somewhere along the path, they came to the conclusion that they 'weren't artists'. That they weren't the 'creative type'. And that they would just have to live with bullet points.

Facts laid out on bullet points.

But there's a twist, it's not really so black and white. If you haven't had the chance to learn how to communicate visually, you can always get started. It's not a hidden talent one is born with. You might be surprised to hear that visual communication and visual language is not much different than any other language. It has foundational building blocks and concepts which can be learned. Just like with any other language, it takes some practice, but it's not the impossible task our culture has made it seem.

The building blocks of visual language are simpler than you might think...

So with the idea that design, creative thinking, and visual communication can be learned, join me as I share my learnings around visual language, design, storytelling, and even programming—to guide you to becoming a better visual storyteller and communicator!

I'm Your Host, Noam Almosnino

Lead designer of next generation products at Adobe in Seattle. I previously led the design of Adobe Post from concept to shipping product, and prior to that, led the design of Adobe Muse—where I spearheaded innovative features like scroll effects.

I have a passion for all things designed and visual, be they photography, graphic design, user interfaces, or industrial design. I hold a BFA in Graphic Design from Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.

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